AESUB white – Anti-reflective spray for 3D laser scanning

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AESUB white – Semi-permanent scanning spray

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Do you want to scan an object that can hardly or not at all be captured by a 3D scanner? The object has transparent areas (like glass), reflecting or mirroring surfaces or even extreme recesses? Then, the scanning spray from AESUB is the best choice.

When using the AESUB scanning spray, you apply a thin, homogenous coating to the object to be scanned to create excellent contrasts for 3D scanning. Thus, a 3D scanner can completely and highly accurately capture the scan object.

AESUB white is a semi-permanent anti-reflective spray that contains pigments, propellant and solvent. Unlike traditional sprays, AESUB white is free of titanium dioxide, associated with cancerogenic incidents through inhalation by the European Chemicals Agency.

AESUB white has been optimized in terms of material compatibility. The white, non-touch resistant coating remains on the object after scanning, which makes cleaning after the scanning process necessary.

Designated use

  • Enables/facilitates optical digitalization of objects that are difficult to capture (e. g. transparent, shiny or reflective parts)
  • For the scan objects that can be cleaned with a soft brush and a wet towel or that can be disposed of after scanning
  • Smooth spraying of the scan object with even back and forth movements from a distance of 15 - 20cm

Fields of application

  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Energy sector
  • Architecture
  • Plastic design / art
  • Digital archiving
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Optical metrology
  • Research and development
  • Process monitoring
  • Inline scanning
  • Measurement services
  • Surface inspection

Product characteristics

  • Semi-permanent scanning spray
  • Without titanium dioxide (TiO2)
  • Contains pigments
  • Thin and homogenous coating
  • Opaque, matt white surface on the scan object
  • Average layer thickness: ~7 m
  • Optimal contrast values
  • Optimized material compatibility
  • Excellent scannability
  • Optimal storage temperature ranges between 18C and 21C
  • Shelf life of three years
  • Store at dry conditions with no direct sunlight
  • Technical data sheet
  • Safety data sheet

Delivery content

  • 1can AESUB blue (400ml)


  • Make sure not to spray next to your sensors and sensible equipment, as AESUB white is a semi-permanent scanning spray containing pigments that will contaminate the nearby environment. Utilize the sublimating scanning spray AESUB blue to avoid pigment-contamination.
  • AESUB white is applied "wet". The solvent vanishes within a few seconds while the pigments remain as coating on the surface. Once the coat is applied, you can scan the object in usual manner.
  • AESUB white is a semi-permanent scanning spray. Coated parts need to be cleaned or disposed after scanning. Utilize a soft brush in combination with water and a towel to clean coated parts.
  • The ideal ambient temperature is 21C/66.2F.
  • AESUB scanning sprays are optimized for material compatibility; however material compatibility for specific applications cannot be guaranteed. Users should check specific material compatibility before use. AESUB white contains solvents. See the safety data sheet for further information.
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