Arena4D Data Studio (Professional) - Annual license

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software for visualization, exploitation and animation of huge point cloud data sets;
includes Arena4D Data Studio (Standard) + the modules: Forensic, GIS, Security, Tracking

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Arena4D is a software that focuses on visualization, exploitation and animation of huge point clouds and GIS data. The visualization software is the perfect choice if you want to view, edit, analyze, register, reverse engineer or create videos.

Arena4D allows the fast loading and visualization of huge point cloud data sets. Due to the user-friendly and intuitively usable software interface, even non-expert users can expand their 3D LiDAR data by context by adding panoramic images, documents, photos or audio, for instance. By integrating the fourth dimension "time", you can present all data in an analytical or narrative manner.

Using Arena4D VPC Creator, you can convert different point cloud formats to VPC format; thus, you can use it in all Arena4D solutions.

You can download Arena4D Data Studio and VPC Creator for free:

Arena4D Data Studio (Professional) includes the following modules

  • Basic module
  • Animation
  • Point Cloud Editing
  • Panoramas
  • Virtual Reality
  • Forensic
  • GIS
  • Security
  • Tracking

Product characteristics - Arena4D Data Studio

  • Support of numerous scanners
  • Numerous functions for analysis, editing and exploitation of complex point clouds (e.g. select, display/hide, copy, delete, filter, colorize, measure, annotate, export, create 3D models, generate fly-through video and many more)
  • Powerful point cloud engine
  • Instant point cloud registration
  • Render billions of points
  • Building information management
  • Cloud-2-cloud registration
  • Data protection for protection of sensitive data (protected files cannot be edited or exported; determine a deadline for use of data; provide protected data with a PIN code)
  • Use huge point clouds on mobile devices
  • View point cloud in a Local Viewer or Global Viewer
  • HD video generation in real time
  • Documentation in PowerPoint or PDF format with just one click
  • Compatible point cloud formats: E57, LAS 1.2, LAZ, ASCII XYZ
  • Render data of GPS tracking devices or network cameras live
  • Easily share views across a network via web interface
  • Add time parameter to data
  • Add context to LiDAR data using other information (e.g. static images, panoramic images, annotations, 3D models, CAD models, GPS tracks, CSV files)
  • Present data to third parties via the free "View only" mode for opening and viewing data (You don't need a license for this mode.)

Product characteristics - Animation

Using Arena4D Animation module, you create unique fly-through videos through your point clouds. The powerful solution allows production of simple flights through the point cloud up to complex animation of an object and/or an arbitrary part of the point cloud.

  • Animation creation
    • Frames - Create an animation with unlimited frames.
    • Point clouds - Animate a part or a whole point clouds or its properties.
    • Objects - Add any object to integrate into the scene.
    • Camera location - Define various camera positions.
    • View - Camera locations, Bezier curves, frame focal point for third-person view.
    • Edit - Camera locations, Bezier curves and time durations.
    • Time - Control objects on arbitrary or defined times.
  • Movie generation
    • Different resolutions - Low, VGA, PAL, HD, UHD, SUHD or Custom.
    • 360° - Create a 360° movie to enable visualization in Virtual Reality (VR).
    • Output format - MOV or output individual frames as images.
    • 3D stereoscopic - Create a stereo movie for visualization on 3D devices.
    • Supersampling - Create a movie with anti aliasing.
    • Multiple views - Create a movie from any visualization angle along a defined trajectory.
    • Edit playback - Specify constant speed, duration or field of view along a defined trajectory.

Product characteristics - Point Cloud Editing

With the additional module Arena4D Cloud Editing, you can edit, clean and refine point clouds of unlimited size. Create unlimited layers using the powerful point cloud editing module.

  • Various selection tools - 3D brush, Poly line, Rectangle, Plane, Select all and Invert selection
  • Edit tools - Copy, Delete, Hide, Copy + Paste
  • Paint points - Color, Intensity, Brightness and Contrast.
  • Create additional points - Patch holes in your point cloud.
  • Match points - Match and select points of a specific color and/or intensity.
  • Surface profiler - Detects deviations in a selected plane.
  • Volume - Calculate the volume of selected points
  • PointFuse * - Create an instant mesh of selected points and export in FBX, OBJ and DXF.
  • LAS classification - Classify your point cloud data in order to create unto 256 layers within a single file.

* Requires optional PointFuse module.

Product characteristics - Panoramas

Using the module Arena4D Panorama, you can integrate images captured with your scanner into a project. Moreover, imagery captured with different panoramic cameras (e.g. NCTech iSTAR) can be added.

  • Panoramas created with laser scanner
    • View in context - Most of the laser scanners capture panoramic images to colorize point clouds. Add the image separately to your point cloud and view from different locations.
    • Measurements - If georeferenced or positioned correctly, the panorama can be used to take measurements.
    • Annotation - If georeferenced or positioned correctly, annotate panoramas.
    • Visualization - Occasionally, a point cloud is not enough to identify items within a scan; panoramic images can help in identification.
  • Panoramas created with NCTech iSTAR
    • Full HDR - View panoramas in isolation or together with a point cloud in high-resolution HDR quality.
    • NCTech Measure tool - The tool allows you to take measurements directly from the panoramas captured with NCTech iSTAR camera.

Product characteristics - Virtual Reality

The Arena4D Virtual Reality module is a tool enabling you to take visualization of point cloud data and any other data to the next level.

A combination of headset and game controller slows you to virtually move freely and without limits around the point cloud. The integration of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Powerwall / Cave Projector shows that viewing point clouds in VR is important for industries of the future.

Compatibility with Virtual Reality devices:

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Powerwall / Cave Projector

Compatibility with Virtual Reality control devices:

  • Kinect sensor
  • Game controller

Product characteristics - Forensic

The module Forensics for Arena4D Data Studio is a tool for creation, presentation and provision of entire forensic scenes. The module provides a huge number of functionalities.

  • Extended data objects - Add almost any data object to a point cloud. This way, you receive a better overview of all relevant evidence.
  • Bullet trajectory -  Scan trajectory for determining the line of fire
  • CSV import - Add GPS data
  • Select view from point - View site of crime from different angles
  • Viewport - Define a fixed point, such as a window, and view from different locations.
  • Actor - Define height and field of view of the possible perpetrator; view the crime scene from his perspective.
  • Various functions for sharing:
    • Projects ToGo - Output of a simple executable, which provides a limited version of Arena4D Data Studio
    • PowerPoint - Create a PowerPoint presentation simply and quickly and share with your customers
    • PDF - Create a PDF fil
    • Ortho photos - Create an orthographic photo with chosen resolution
    • Projekt A4D - By packaging the project contents into an A4D project, Arena4D Data Studio allows shared use of a project.

Product characteristics - GIS

The Geospatial module for Arena4D Data Studio provides a user-friendly GIS interface allowing you to supply and illustrate precise spatial data.

  • Coordinate system - Choose a coordinate system; all geo-referenced data are in position on the globe
  • Mapping - Use Open Source Mapping or connect with your own map database
  • Satellite images - Use free low-resolution satellite data or insert your own images
  • Sunlight - Change the sun's position depending on season, , daytime and place
  • Terrain - Use the free Digital Terrain Elevation Model (D-TED) or connect with your own terrain database

Product characteristics - Security

The Security module for Data Studio provides ownership protection of your data, so it cannot be shared inappropriately, as well as providing a timer, which time limits the use of data which has been legitimately shared. This protection can be applied to the Point Server and standard Data Studio installs.

Product characteristics - Tracking

The live position data from remote clients, for tracking purposes, can be read and displayed by the Tracking function for Data Studio. The functionality requires the clients to be logged into the system via a web-browser and their position can be displayed in the GIS Module for Data Studio, with map overlays for example.

Compatibility with scanners

  • Airborne scanner (e.g. Riegl LMS 780)
  • Mobile scanner (e.g. ZEB-REVO, Street Mapper)
  • Handheld scanner (e.g. DPI-8X, Mantis F5)
  • Static scanner (e.g. FARO Focus3D X 330, Leica C10, FARO Focus S 150)
  • UAV scanner (e.g. Riegl VUX 1)

Compatibility with CAD software
  • Rhino
  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • and more

System requirements
  • Windows, Mac OSX or Linux
  • CPU: 2.0 Ghz Dual Core RAM, 2048 MB
  • GPU: 1024Mb, OpenGL 2.0 HDD, 100 MB
  • 64bit operating system
  • Java 7 (or better)

Delivery contents

  • Single user license as annual license

User interface available in the following languages

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Chinese
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