Arena4D PointClouds for SolidWorks (Professional) - Annual License

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Arena4D plug-in for SolidWorks

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The Veesus plug-in for SolidWorks software, leverages the power of the XStreamEngine for point clouds, to allow massive sizes of data to be loaded into the native SolidWorks Environment.

Once the point cloud has been loaded into the SolidWorks environment, the plug-in also offers powerful point cloud manipulation tools such as, slicing, clipping, smoothing, lighting, magnification, colour ramp and Export.

The Professional version extends the Standard version by some functions.

Product characteristics

  • All standard features included:
    • Massive point clouds
    • Stream points clouds from remote Veesus Point Server
    • Slice through point clouds
    • Generate slice from SolidWorks plane
    • Generate SolidWorks plane from slice
    • Draw points, lines and polylines straight on to the point cloud data
    • Align, move and rotate point clouds
    • Adjust brightness & contrast of point clouds
    • Apply dynamic lighting to point clouds
    • Apply transparency to point clouds
    • Apply programmable "relief" shader to point clouds
    • Clip and hide selections of point clouds
    • Includes the Veesus XStreamEngine
    • Simple user interface with powerful features
  • Clash detection
  • Copy selections
  • Delete selections
  • Create plane through selections
  • Create CSV report of point distances from a plane

Compatibility with CAD software

  • SolidWorks

Delivery contents

  • Annual single-user license
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