Davinci Copters ScaraBot X8 (Photogrammetry Edition)

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All-in-one solution including hardware, software, service and training  in einem Paket

Use drones in places that are not accessible wit measuring instruments and cameras. Capture whole buildings or terrains, for instance, from the air and simply use the drone photos to create three-dimensional terrain models.

Lightweight, flexibly usable and particularly efficient – That's the ScaraBot X8 from Davinci Copters. Due to the combination of a heavy-duty lightweight frame and specially developed booms with streamline shape, the ScaraBot X8 allows excellent flying times. Within 40 minutes, you can capture up to 50 hectares. Moreover, powerful engines and custom-made high-performance batteries characterize the octocopter.

A further advantage: Since the flying weight of the ScaraBot X8 is under 5kg, you only need a general start permission in Germany!

The RTF (ready to fly) UAV of Davinci Copters is professional hardware of high quality single-piece production and suited for numerous applications. Quality: Made in Germany.

You have the chance to define a flight plan for the drone in advance and to perform the flight fully automatically. You can optionally control the UAV from the ground. Based on the georeferenced data, you can create a 3D terrain model by using the provided software; this model may serve as a basis for defining lengths, surfaces or volumes or just for visualizing buildings or landscapes. To this end, you use the software solutions Agisoft and PointCab. You use Agisoft to create point clouds based on the data captured by the drone; you use PointCab subsequently to analyze and process point clouds.

Without any prior knowledge and experience, you don't have the required expertise to fly the multicopter system professionally and to create a point cloud. That's why we offer you an all-in-one solution combining hardware, software, training and service. Our experienced trainers teach you the handling of drones and their flight characteristics. In the scope of the training, you learn how to control the drone in the field and deficiency situations are simulated. Furthermore, you learn how to generate point clouds based on the data and how to analyze them. Thus, you are perfectly prepared for your projects.

Product characteristics:

  • ready-to-fly octocopter
  • full carbon fiber frame with "Free Flow Arms" for better efficiency and longer flying times
  • flying weight: < 5 kg
  • center distance: 500 mm
  • hood painted red
  • Herkules III controller
  • Herkules telemetry board
  • Herkules anti spark
  • iOSD Mark 2
  • elaborate LED lighting
  • DJI Wookong with optional waypoint navigation included
  • extensive telemetry system with recording off light data
  • GPS Position Hold, Coming Home, Failsafe, Altitude Control
  • Jeti remote control DC-16 Duplex
  • Live image monitor with integrated Diversity receiver
  • Brushless Gimbal BLG600: laminated 2-axis CFRP Gimbal with Brushless system and AlexMos control for system cameras till 600g
  • mounting tubes for various gimbal systems (EasyPlug quick-change system)
  • two lithium ion batteries with protective circuit (flight battery 18 V, 20300 mAH) included
  • camera Sigma DP 1 with lens included
  • solid lockable wooden box with metal fittings, grips, wheels included; inside all faces cushioned

Output formats:

  • 2D ortho photos (.jpg / .tif / .png / .kmz)
  • point clouds (.obj / .ply / .text / .las / .u3d / .pdf)
  • 3D models (.obj / .3ds / .wrl / .dae /. ply / .dxf / .fbx / .u3d / .kmz / .pdf)
  • DEM (.tif / .asc. / .bil / .xyz / .kmz)

Fields of application:

  • photogrammetry
  • aerial photos
  • surveillance, search flights
  • inspection work at high buildings
  • fire service (overview from a bird's eye view, find hot spots, etc.)
  • fawn rescue
  • visualization and surveying of infrastructure
  • resource management
  • agricultural economics
  • forestry
  • planning of construction projects
  • construction of roads, tunnels and train paths
  • civil protection
  • video production

Delivery contents:

  • 1 Davinci Copters ScaraBot X8
  • 1 Brushless Gimbal BLG600
  • 1 DJI Datalink 2,4 GHz
  • 2 lithium ion batteries
  • 1 special charging unit for lithium ion batteries
  • 1 comfort case for ScaraBot X8
  • 1 Jeti remote control DC-16 Duplex
  • 1 live image monitor with integrated Diversity receiver
  • 1 camera Sigma DP 1 including lens
  • 1 license Agisoft
  • system integration of Datalink and camera
  • measurement and fixation of the camera
  • three-day training focused on the handling of drones, Agisoft and PointCab (for 2 people)

We optionally offer PointCab software and a powerful PC.

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