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33.000,00 €

Laserscanning Europe GmbH is NOT the seller of this device!
On behalf of a customer, we advertise the following offer here. Please note our comments on offers from external providers at the end of this advertisement.

On behalf of a customer, we offer a used scanner manufactured by the company FARO for sale. The offer is valid EU-wide.


  • scanner: FARO FOCUS S 150
  • year of manufacture: 2018
  • last calibration: 30.07.2020
  • no maintenance contract
  • reconditioned FARO demo scanner

Accessories for the scanner:

  • 1 transport case
  • 1 battery
  • 1 charger kit
  • 1 tripod mount
  • 1 SD card
  • 1 USB card
  • 1 adapter SD card to USB
  • 2 lens cleaning tissue
  • 1 ultra clean sensor cleaning liquid
  • 1 quick start guide
  • 1 calibration certificate, date: 31.07.2019

License and software:

  • No software included

Please note:

This offer (e.g. device / software / accessories) is an advertisement which we publish on behalf of the seller. All information was provided by the seller.
We do not assume any guarantee for this information or for any commitments and statements made by the seller. 
The purchase of the device always takes place directly between the seller of the advertisement and the buyer. Our online shop for used equipment serves only as an advertisement platform.


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