FLEXI XXL Laser Scanner Reference Sphere Set with individual accessories

Item number: 030-11779

2 long-lasting and robust reference spheres with 200mm diameter
Make up your case XXL individually according to your needs!

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Order two reference spheres FLEXI XXL with the appropriate accessories together in one case! Even in long scan distances, the big reference spheres can be registered very well. With the appropriate accessories, you are well equipped for all scanning jobs.

Benefit from the very high robustness and durability of the reference sphere FLEXI XXL. The reference sphere, with a diameter of 200 mm, can be easily scanned from long distances and all directions. Thanks to the removable magnet, the measurement sphere can be used flexibly. Quality: Made in Germany.

What makes reference spheres FLEXI so unique?

Precise geometry - The high-precision geometry is particularly important in this sector and allows the use for highly accurate applications (e. g. stripe-light-scanners) beside the standard usage in the field of laser scanning

Unique materials - The sphere Flexi which is developed for daily use is made of unique material components

Integrated shock absorber - The first sphere that can withstand impacts and achieve the initial state after a few seconds

Excellent reflective properties - In contrast to our other reference spheres the surface is not painted; a special surface coating ensures optimum reflectivity and durability.

Product characteristics:

  • Diameter of 200mm
  • Resistant materials allow daily use and ensure durability
  • Integrated shock absorber assists in withstanding impacts and protects the surface coating (thus, chipping paint is a thing of the past)
  • Spherical shape allows the highest possible scanning efficiency from various directions and it has been proven to be the most effective laser scanning target
  • Long special adapter (female thread M8) for Mini Prism for Reference Sphere XXL (item no.: 030-10226)
  • Reference sphere is a special model made of a combination of different plastics with special surface coating for optimum reflectivity
  • Optionally, we offer the tripod adapter for reference spheres (item no.: 030-10171) for attachment on tripods etc.
  • The adapters are safely and space-savingly placed directly into the provided recesses in the foam insert.
  • Each sphere is supplied with 2 magnets with different adhesive forces: a magnet for use in most standard applications and accessories and a strong magnet for surfaces with lower adhesive forces.
  • Case dimensions: 575 x 470 x 270 mm
  • Case with precut foam insert for safe transport
  • suitable for operations in a temperature range from -40 to +75 degrees

Designated use:

  • The reference sphere XXL is used for objects with great dimensions. You can position this sphere in a distance that is about 2/3 farther away than it is possible with traditional spheres.
  • Easy and quick attachment to magnetic surfaces due to a centered magnet base.
  • Connection of point cloud with existing fixed points by using reference sphere adapters.

Field of application:

  • scan object with great target ranges, e. g. for a site plan, or as a permanently visible master sphere during the scanning of big buildings or halls

Compatible laser scanners:

  • FARO Focus Premium
  • FARO Focus S 70
  • FARO Focus S 150
  • FARO Focus S 350
  • FARO Focus M 70
  • FARO Focus3D S 120
  • FARO Focus3D X 30 
  • FARO Focus3D X 130
  • FARO Focus3D X 330
  • Leica RTC360
  • Leica BLK360
  • Leica HDS 4400/ 6100
  • Leica ScanStation P20/ P30/ P40 
  • GeoSLAM ZEB Discovery
  • Surphaser
  • Artec Ray
  • Teledyne Polaris
  • Riegl on request

Delivery contents:

  • 2 FLEXI XXL reference spheres plastic Ø 200 mm, special adapter with female thread M8
  • 2 long magnet holders (M8), strong
  • 2 long magnet holders (M8), extra strong
  • 1 plastic case with foam insert for spheres

Optionl delivery contents:


  • The reference sphere Flexi is not only very solid due to the integrated shock absorber but can be used easily at various weather conditions.

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Product weight: 9,00 Kg
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