Gexcel Heron MS-2 color

Numéro d'article: 031-11825

Brand new, less used mobile laser scanning system from Gexcel

29.000,00 €

exkl. 16% TVA , zzgl. Expédition

Delivery Status: 4-6 jours ouvrables

On behalf on a costumer we offer a less used mobile scanner manufactured by the company Gexcel for sale. The offer is valid worldwide.


  • scanner Gexcel Heron MS-2 color 
  • year of manufacture: 2018  
  • last calibration: 2019
  • The device is in a very good condition.

Accessories for the scanner:

  • 1 Portable rugged backpack
  • 1 Velodyne Lidar sensor HDL-32E
  • 1 IMU (located under the Lidar sensor)
  • 1 360 panoramic camera
  • 2 Batteries (3 hour working life)
  • 1 Rugged i7 touch screen Control Unit with software interface for HERON control installers
  • 1 Rugged case for transport and shipping

License and software:

  • 2 License of Heron desktop (with USB dongle)
  • 1 JRC 3D reconstructor for Heron (with USB server dongle key)
  • 1 2D Blueprint viewer
  • 1 Windows license for control unit
  • 2 Licenses of TLS as control points software tool
  • 1 One year update of Heron desktop and JRC 3D reconstructor of Heron

More information:

Gexcel Heron MS 2 is a wearable mobile surveying system built for indoor and outdoor applications. The MS2 color series is designed to operate in rugged conditions, yet it is still light weight and easy to transport in a backpack.

The Heron MS2 color maintains the same technical characteristics of the MS-2 with 2cm local accuracy and an estimated global accuracy of 5cm.
THIS UNIT IS BRAND NEW. During the summer of 2018, we rented a beta version of the scanner for a special project where we needed to map vast areas during a short time period. A part of the agreement with Gexcel was to use the rent as down payment of a new skanner if we were satisfied. Since then, our technical staff has found new job oportunities and we no longer have the expertice required to operate the Gexcel Heron MS-2.
In addition to the standard components, this unit comes with an extra battery, hand held pole and a reinforced laser head.

If you are interested to make an offer on this unit or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on email or phone.

1 One year warranty on hardware components
1 One year software update and remote support by HQ
1 One year remote support by email, skype call and phone

If you are interested, please contact:

Laserscanning Europe GmbH
Phone: +49(0)391 62 69 960

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