Laser Scanner Reference Sphere Set (Flexi) for FARO and Trimble TX5 Laser Scanner plus

Item number: 030-10113-02

Highly accurate, extremely robust, long-lasting, excellent reflective properties, built for daily use. The Flexi sphere can withstand falls. The reference sphere set consists of 6 reference spheres in a sturdy carrying case! The spheres are compatible with our mini prism.
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Our cutting edge sphere combines best quality and extreme durability. Quality: Made in Germany.

The reference sphere set Flexi has all product characteristics of the reference sphere set Basic and expands this one by the following characteristics:

Precise geometry - highly accurate geometry is unique in this sector and allows the use for highly accurate applications (e. g. stripe-light-scanners) beside the standard usage in the field of laser scanning

Unique materials - the sphere Flexi which is developed for daily use is made of unique material components

Integrated shock absorber - the first sphere that can withstand impacts and achieve the initial state after a few seconds

Excellent reflective properties - in contrast to our other reference spheres the surface is not painted; a special surface coating ensures optimum reflectivity and durability

Safe positioning: In addition, the set includes six reference sphere pedestals which allow a safe positioning of the reference sphere on numerous surfaces indoors and outdoors.

Product characteristics:

  • Reference sphere
    • Diameter of 145 m
    • Resistant materials allow daily use and ensure durabilit
    • Integrated shock absorber assists in withstanding impacts and protects the surface coating (thus, chipping paint is a thing of the past
    • Spherical shape allows the highest possible scanning efficiency from various directions and it has been proven to be the most effective laser scanning targe
    • Long special adapter (female thread M8) for Mini Prism (item no.: 90023)
    • Reference sphere is a special model made of a combination of different plastics with special surface coating for optimum reflectivit
    • Optionally, we offer the tripod adapter for reference spheres (item no.: 030-50009) for attachment on tripods etc
    • Includes detachable magnet base (M8/0.8 in
    • Case dimensions: 575 x 470 x 205 mm
    • Case with precut foam insert for safe transport
    • suitable for operations in a temperature range from -40 to +75 degrees
  • Reference sphere pedestal
    • weight: 0.15kg
    • material: high-strength plastic
    • dimensions: diameter 16cm (6.29 in), height 2cm (0.79 in)
    • wear-resistant and non-corrosive material allows daily use and ensures durability
    • easily attach a reference sphere's magnet base to the precisely fitting metal disk of the reference sphere pedestal
    • safe positioning of the reference sphere due to the spikes attached to the base's bottom

Field of application:

  • Architecture, preservation of buildings and monuments
  • Design and planning of factory buildings and digital factory
  • Mining industry and tunnel construction
  • Public service corporations
  • Aircraft construction and naval architecture
  • Foundries and steel industry
  • Chemistry and process industry
  • Forensics

Compatible laser scanners:

  • FARO LS 420
  • FARO LS 880
  • FARO Photon LS 20
  • FARO Photon LS 80
  • FARO Photon LS 120
  • FARO Focus 3D 20
  • FARO Focus 3D 120
  • FARO Focus3D X 30
  • FARO Focus3D X 130
  • FARO Focus3D X 330
  • FARO Focus S 70
  • FARO Focus S 150
  • FARO Focus S 350
  • FARO Focus M 70
  • Trimble TX5
  • Trimble TX8
Delivery contents:
  • 6 reference spheres, plastic, 145 mm (5.7 in), special adapter with female thread M8 suitable for mini prism
  • 6 magnetic holders short (M8/0.8 in), suitable for our stickers
  • 6 reference sphere pedestals
  • 1 plastic case with foam insert for spheres


  • The reference sphere Flexi is not only very solid due to the integrated shock absorber but can be used easily at various weather conditions.

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Product weight: 8,00 Kg
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