Leica BLK360

numero articolo: 031-11859

Used terrestrial laser scanner Leica BLK360 incl. warranty until february 2020

14.999,00 €

escl. 16% USt. , zzgl. spedizione

Stato della Spedizione: 18-22 giorni lavorativi

On behalf of a customer, we offer a unused scanner manufactured by the company Leica for sale. The scanner is as good as new. The offer is valid EU-wide.


  • Leica BLK360
  • year of manufacture: 2019
  • last calibration: 2019
  • actual warranty, until february 2020 
  • no maintenance
  • The scanner is as good as new (only 10 scan jobs)

Accessories for the scanner

  • 1 x comfortable carrying bag for the Blk360, tripod and accessories
  • 1 x Tripod Type: 853638 - Tripod Leica
  • 1 x Tribach adapter type: Gad123
  • 3 x Charger type: Glk312
  • 3 x Battery type: GEB212

License and software:

  • Requires Ipad and free app (BLK360) - not included in scope of delivery !!!


  • All the indications are given by the seller. There is no guarantee for correct data. The seller is ready to negotiate and open for offers.

If you are interested, please contact:

Laserscanning Europe GmbH
Phone: +49(0)391 62 69 960
E-mail: info@laserscanning-europe.com

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