Leica ScanStation P30

numero articolo: 031-12075

Used Leica ScanStation P30 incl. accessories

21.500,00 €

escl. 16% USt. , zzgl. spedizione

Stato della Spedizione: 4-6 giorni lavorativi

On behalf of a customer, we offer a used scanner manufactured by the company Leica for sale. The offer is valid worldwide.


  • scanner Leica ScanStation P30 
  • year of manufacture: 2016
  • last calibration: November 2020
  • no guarantee
  • current maintenance contract
  • The scanner is used and in an excellent condition. Equipment only used by 1 engineer from 2016 until now.

Accessories for the scanner:

  • 4 batteries GEB242
  • 1 cable GEV228 (2,5m) Ethernet/ Lemo
  • 1 red transport Pelicase
  • 1 embase
  • 1 meter GHM008
  • 1 Leica support for the meter GHT 196
  • 1 charger GKL311 with adapter 220V and car -plug
  • leather shammy
  • red dust cover

License and software:

  • No transfer of Leica Cyclone software

All the indications are given by the seller. There is no guarantee for correct data.

If you are interested, please contact:

Laserscanning Europe GmbH
Phone: +49(0)391 62 69 960
E-mail: info@laserscanning-europe.com

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