PointCab 4AutoCAD Bundle incl. 1 year support

numero articolo: 041-12731

The PointCab 4AutoCAD Bundle consists of PointCab Origins, the point cloud export module and the 4AutoCAD plugin that supports efficient and easy 3D modeling with point clouds in AutoCAD.

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The PointCab 4AutoCAD Bundle is an easy and very precise solution for all users who want to process their point cloud data straight in AutoCAD. This version includes PointCab Origins to process comprehensive point cloud data and implement it quickly and straightforwardly in AutoCAD.

PointCab 4Brics Bundle includes the following functions and components:

The Maintenance and Support package is mandatory for the first year and already included in the indicated price.

Please note: The support contract is valid for 12 months and extended by one year if it is not canceled at least one month prior to expiration.

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  • Licence
  • Maintenance & support for the 1st year (600,00€)
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