PointCab training for advanced users

numero articolo: 20a-12027

Advanced training in PointCab software
Training location 

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Do you already have experience with PointCab? You want to optimize your workflow or you are facing tricky problems? Then our training for advanced users is the perfect solution for you!

You can decide whether you prefer an online training or rather a training at your office or in our headquarters.

Training content:

  • The latest version of PointCab – We provide an update. What are the new features compared to your current version?
  • We show you an idealized workflow based on your projects.
  • We solve your specific problems in the software.

Preconditions for the advanced training:

  • An appointment arrangement with our support team
  • Basic knowledge in PointCab
  • Laptop/PC with pre-installed PointCab software
  • Available customer data
  • Extra for online training: :
    • Internet access during the meeting
    • A headset


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