Rent PointCab 4BIMm Pro for 1 month

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PointCab 4BIMm Pro is a combination of PointCab Origins Pro and the 4BIMm plug-in, which supports efficient and simple 3D modeling with point clouds in ARCHICAD.

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PointCab 4BIMm Pro combines the full functionality of PointCab 3DPro with the 4BIMm plug-in and helps you to efficiently and easily perform 3D modeling with point clouds in ARCHICAD. Using the included 4CAD Interface, the software transfers 3D data for the creation of walls, doors and windows, beams and furniture directly to Revit.

Content of rental offer:

  • all modules ofthe Origins Pro license as well as 4CAD Interface  for 30 days
  • 4BIMm plug-in


  • While working with PointCab, the computer has to be connected to the internet!
  • At the time of order, please indicate the desired start of rental so that the rental period is optimally geared to your needs.
  • If you decide to purchase PointCab within 12 weeks after renting, 50% of the rental price would be taken into account as a prepayment.
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