Rental of PointCab software (optional for 3D laser scanner rental)

Item number: 041-10742

Rent all PointCab modules (except for the module Register) for one month.

299,00 €

Excluding19% VAT. , plus shipping

Delivery status: 24 houres

Content of rental offer:

  • PointCab software for fast analysis of 3D point clouds
  • Rent all PointCab modules (except for the module Register) for one month.
  • You get all PointCab toolsas an online license. While working with PointCab, the computer has to be connected to the internet!
  • You can determine thebeginning of the rental individually.

Field of application:

  • architecture, preservation of buildings and monuments
  • design and planning of factory buildings and digital factory
  • mining industry and tunnel construction
  • public service corporations
  • aircraft construction and naval architecture
  • foundries and steel industry
  • chemistry and process industry
  • forensics

Rental content:

  • PointCab Layout Tool
  • PointCab Section Tool
  • PointCab WebExport
  • PointCab PhotoMatch
  • PointCab Sketch Tool
  • Pointcab MergerTool
  • PointCab Volume Tool
  • PointCab Mesh Tool
  • PointCab 3D-Points Tool
  • PointCab Delta Tool
  • PointCab Unfold Tool
  • PointCab Vectorizer Tool
  • PointCab Point Cloud Export Tool
  • PointCab Profiler Tool
  • Register tool (without hardware)
  • Support


  • The offer applies only in conjunction with the rental of a laser scanner.
  • Do you want to learn more about our software? In that case, look at our website.
  • If you decide to purchase PointCab within 12 weeks after renting, 50% of the rental price would be taken into account as a prepayment.
  • Find CAD tutorials here.
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