Set consisting of 5 laser scanner reference spheres 90mm

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Our small spheres with a diameter of 90mm support you in the registration and alignment of scans of small areas or even when combining scans of different scanner types. Thus, scans from terrestrial and handheld 3D scanners can be easily merged.
Due to the small case, the spheres take up little space and can be conveniently transported.

Product characteristics

  • Diameter: 90mm
  • Spherical shape allows the highest possible scanning efficiency from various directions
  • Has been proven to be the most effective laser scanning target
  • Reference sphere is a hollow made of plastic with a distinctive surface to achieve excellent reflective properties
  • Sphere has a female M8 thread where a magnetic base can be screwed in
  • Includes magnet base
  • Case dimensions: 390mm x 250mm x 190mm
  • Case with precut foam insert for safe transport

Designated use

  • Simplification of scan registration
  • Combination of scans from different scanner types
  • Useful for small scanning areas (e.g. in facilities)
  • For all indoor and outdoor applications

Fields of application

  • Architecture, construction and modeling
  • Energy and power supply companies
  • Factory and plant construction
  • Aircraft construction and shipbuilding
  • Crime scene and accident analysis


  • Terrestrial laser scanners
  • Handheld 3D scanners
  • Small range scanners
  • Any software if the sphere diameter of 90mm is defined

Delivery contents

  • Set consists of 5 spheres 90mm, 5 magnetic bases and a case


  • The reference sphere is the perfect measurement sphere for scanning under normal conditions. Only at very low or very high temperatures, there is a slight deviation in the diameter of the sphere. We recommend using and storing these spheres only in the range from 0 to +50 degree. If the spheres are used at extremely cold ambient temperatures (< -5 degree), a damage of the painted surface might arise.

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Product weight: 7,50 Kg
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