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Benefit from a practically oriented training directly on-site! We seek you out and show you everything you have to know about your laser scanning projects. It doesn't matter whether you have questions on laser scanning hardware and software or whether you need helpful hints for laser scanner usage in your field of application; we are on hand with help and advice for you.

Contents of the training:

  • introduction of the scanner and accessories (reference targets, adapter, combination with total station)
  • theoretical principles for surveying in the three-dimensional space
  • application of the scanner in the sample project
  • pieces of advice for scanning (scanner settings, resolution, quality)
  • identification of specifics (detailed scans)
  • transfer of data (preparation for FARO Scene)
  • trainings in point cloud software (FARO Scene, Trimble Scene, and much more)
    • creation of a project
    • import of the scan data
    • various possibilities for registration
    • identification of possibilities for control
    • measurements in the point cloud
    • data export to your CAD system
    • creation of and working with the clipping box

Duration of the training:

  • 1 day (compact training content or chosen range of topics)
  • 2 days (entire scope)

Number of participants:

  • 1 to max. 6 participants
  • All participants receive a LSE certificate from us.

Training of the following scanners is possible:

  • Trimble TX5
  • Focus 3D
  • Photon
  • Further scanners on demand

Additional charges:

  • mileage allowance

Contact us. Demand a binding offer.

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