EMLID Reach RS2 / RS2+ / RS+ 3 Piece Travel Pole

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The 3-piece carbon travel rod from Emlid is ideal for travel or projects where you need to easily store everything. The advantage of the rod is that you can disassemble it for transport so the longest rod is only 0.75m long and easy to transport.

Product characteristics

  • 5/8" thread
  • Length of the 1st rod: 0.75m
  • Length of the 2nd and 3rd rod: 0.64m
  • Complete length (all 3 parts): 2.02m
  • Rod with bubble level

Delivery content

  • 3x parts for the rod
  • Carrying bag for rod

Please note: The carbon rods are not adjusted at the factory. You can find instructions for adjustment here.

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