Extension tube (1m length) for 2-way tripod

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The extension tube with 1 meter length is a spare part for our 2-way telescope tripods.


Product characteristics


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  • 1 extension tube



  • The 2-way telescope tripods are approved for 4 extension tubes in continuous operation, which are already included in the scope of delivery of each tripod. Use of the 2-way tripod with more than 4 extension tubes is at your own risk!
  • The total weight of all tubes plus mounted scanner must not exceed 20kg.
  • When using the 2-way telescope tripod at the maximum height, ensure perfect vertical alignment and safe installation. (The weight at a great height will change the tipping point of the tripod).
  • When used above 4m height, vibration may occur during scanning; this vibration is amplified by wind when used outdoors. Do not use the tripod in strong wind.


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