Forensic set for determining the line of fire

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Set for determining the line of fire

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The Forensic set is used for the determination and analysis of the line of fire. The set is a perfect tool for forensic science.

The high-quality Forensic set consists of 8 very lightweight reference spheres, they are fixed to your trajectory rods in a non-slip way and they serve as reference points. Quality: Made in Germany.

The Forensic set is a tool for determining the trajectory of a projectile. Simply push two reference spheres to the trajectoryrod and fix each sphere by using rubber bands so that they cannot slip on the trajectory rods. Then you can use the rods as usual. You can already use the set for your crime scene investigations. The spheres on the trajectory rodare scanned by a laser scanner. The identified centers of the spheres are connected and elongated; thus, they are used for determining the possible line of fire. In case of more than one bullet hole, the exact position of the shooter can be detected.

Product characteristics:

  • diameter of the sphere: 90mm
  • weight of a sphere: 95g
  • The hole for trajectory rods is exactly in the sphere's axis.
  • The spherical shape allows the highest possible scanning efficiency from various directions and it has been proven to be the most effective laser scanning target.
  • Reference sphere is a hollow sphere made of plastic with special varnish to achieve excellent reflective properties
  • dimensions of the case: 500 x 420 x 125mm
  • case with precut foam insert for safe transport

Field of application:

  • forensics (documentation of crime scenes, determination of the line of fire)

Designated use:

  • positioning of the existing rods with attached spheres in bullet holes and scanning by means of a 3D laser scanner

Compatible laser scanners:

  • Leica RTC360
  • Leica BLK360
  • FARO scanners
  • Other laser scanners can be used for scanning. Software compatibility has to be checked.

Compatible trajectory sets:

  • Trajectory set of the company Evi-Paq (yellow and pink rods).
  • Trajectory set of the company Sirchie (4" rods compatible with spheres with large holes)

Delivery contents:

  • 4 reference spheres for thin trajectory rods (pink; for caliber 22)
  • 4 reference spheres for thick trajectory rods (yellow; for caliber 32)
  • rubber bands for fixing spheres

Please note: Rods are not included in the delivery!


  • Use and store the Forensic set only in a temperature range from 0 to 50 Degree.

Synonyms: forensic sphere, forensic pole, forensic rod, forensic stick, trajectory rod, trajectory pole, trajectory stick, trajectory, trajectory set, laser trajectory set, ballistic curve

Product weight: 4,00 Kg
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