PointCab 4Revit Essential

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PointCab 4 Revit Essential is an easy and very precise solution for all users who want to process their point cloud data straight in Autodesk Revit. This version includes PointCab's basic functions to process comprehensive point cloud data and implement it quickly and straightforwardly in Autodesk Revit.

Due to PointCab 4Revit Essential, even beginners of Building Information Modeling (BIM) get an easy workflow to process point cloud data.

PointCab 4Revit Essential includes the following functions and components:
  • Basic software for analysis of point clouds
  • Included modules: Sketch, Layout and Section, Virtual Panorama and Transformation calculator
  • 4CAD functionality from PointCab 3DPro
  • PointCab 4Revit plug-in

Support, updates and maintenance are included within the first year!

Scope of supply
  • Online license


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