2-Way Telescope Tripod with 3D Safety Adapter

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Scan up to 4.00m (157.5 in) in the height and 4.50m (177.2 in) below ground with the safety adapter

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Be flexible with this tripod: Raise your laser scanner into the upward or send it down a hole. The 2-way telescope tripod allows scanning in a height of 4.00m (157.5 in) and safe overhead scanning 4.50 m (177.2 in) below the earth' surface (manhole tripod / chamber tripod).

Depending on your measuring task, the basic tube with the support plate and the 5/8 inch connection can be connected to the tripod upright or head first (e.g. for manhole scanning). The additional prolongation tubes are connected to the previous tube each time. As a result, you get an almost arbitrarily extendable rod.

The 3/8 inch adapter included in the delivery allows using the tripod with FARO Focus3D.

The 3D safety adapter is applied for overhead applications. With this product, you can easily and safely scan overhead with your laser scanner. The special adapter allows an easy assembly and safe support. The best protection of your valuable measuring instruments.

Developed in Germany.

Designated use:

  • scanner usable over several heights . without assembly, disassembly and modification
  • enlargement of the possible scanner positions
  • safe overhead scanning

Product characteristics - 2-way telescope tripod:

  • tripod: 5/8 inch connection; adapter for 3/8 inch connection is included in the delivery
  • indirect crank drive with enhanced gear unit
  • The crank drive can be operated by means of a hand crank or a screwdriver.
  • anti-twist geared column
  • additional leg braces for more stability
  • solid and quick locking mechanism
  • spirit level
  • set of shoes for tripod can be used on various surfaces
  • minimum effective depth: approx. -4.50 m (177.2 in) underground
  • maximum useful height: approx. 4.00 m (157.5 in)
  • transport length: approx. 1.30m (51.2 in)
  • weight: approx. 8,5 kg
  • flat support plate with ψ 110 mm
  • During long-term usage, the scanner's weight should not be higher than 20kg.
  • 4 prolongation tubes (each 1m (39.4 in)) in a robust transport case included
  • suited for all scanners with 5/8" and 3/8" connection

Product characteristics - 3D safety adapter:

  • One part of the 3D safety adapter is screwed on the original base plate of the scanner.
  • The other part of the adapter is screwed on the tripod with a 5/8 inch connection.
  • The part of the adapter and the scanner can easily be inserted in the correspondent part fixed at the tripod. Then, it can be secured by means of a safety pin.
  • weight: 200 g
  • dimensions: 100mm x 105mm x 100mm (3.94 in x 4.13 in x 3.94 in)

Compatible laser scanners:

  • FARO Focus3D 120, FARO Focus3D X 130 and Focus3D X 330
  • Trimble TX5
  • Leica HDS 7000
  • Leica HDS 6200
  • Leica HDS 6100
  • Leica HDS 6000
  • Leica ScanStation P40
  • Leica ScanStation P30
  • Leica ScanStation P20
  • Leica ScanStation P16

Delivery contents:

  • 1 aluminum telescope tripod with 5/8 inch
  • 4 prolongation tubes in a robust transport case
  • 1 crank for manual operation
  • 1 bit for comfortable handling of the tripod by means of a screwdriver
  • special screwdriver for securing the single tube
  • 1 3/8 inch adapter
  • 1 3D safety adapter for overhead scanning

Optional delivery contents:

  • tripod dolly
  • prolongation tube
  • screwdriver

Synonyms: manhole tripod, chamber tripod, shaft tripod

Product weight: 16,00 Kg
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