PointCab Origins incl. 1 year support

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PointCab Origins – The entry-level solution!


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PointCab Origins – The entry-level solution!

PointCab Origins includes:

  • PointCab Layout & Section Tool
  • PointCab Delta Tool for determining rasterized height maps, for flatness control or for difference comparison from point cloud data
  • PointCab Sketch Tool (incl. virtual panorama)
  • PointCab 3D Points Tool
  • PointCab PhotoMatch Tool
  • PointCab Merger Tool
  • PointCab WebExport Tool
  • PointCab Transformation Calculator

Product characteristics

  • compatible: Results can be processed further in almost any CAD system
  • transformation: Determine transformation parameters easily for the axially parallel alignment of your laser scanning project 
  • time-saving: PointCab analyses and interprets the data faster than your laser scanner generates point clouds
  • cost-saving: The easy handling as well as our free tutorials reduce training costs
  • supported point cloud data formats (for import): LSD(X) (minimal PointCab format), XYZ, LAS, LAZ, E57, FWS, LSPRJ, PTG, PTX, RSP, ZFS, ZFPRJ, PTS, MPC
  • supported CAD data formats (for export): DWG, DXF, DAE, X
  • supported reference coordinate data formats (for PointCab Register): COR, XYZ

Supported laser scanner and point cloud data format

  • PTG, PTX (Leica)
  • RCP (Autodesk)
  • E57 (Trimble)
  • LAS/LAZ (GeoSLAM / PIX4D / Agisoft)
  • RSP (Riegl)
  • ZFS (Z+F)
  • MPC/MVX (Mantis)
  • DP (DotProduct)
  • CL3 (Topcon)
  • XYZ/PTS (exchange file)
  • SPROJ (Artec)

Compatibility with CAD software

  • Bricsys BRICSCAD
  • Dassault Systèmes DRAFTSIGHT, SOLIDWORKS
  • Graphisoft ARCHICAD
  • Trimble SKETCHUP
  • VIS-All 3D
  • SEMA Software
  • ...

PointCab Origins is compatible with almost any CAD system.

System requirements

  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • 1,0 GHz Intel compatible CPU
  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 – 64 bit
  • Minimum 10 GB free disk space

The Maintenance and Support package is mandatory for the first year and already included in the indicated price.

Please note: The support contract is valid for 12 months and extended by one year if it is not canceled at least one month prior to expiration.

Scope of supply

  • Online license
  • Maintenance & support for the 1st year (400,00€)

You can additionally acquire a license dongle.

Do you want to buy single tools in addition to PointCab Origins? Just ask us for a quotation. The following tools are available additionally:

  • PointCab Vectorizer tool (+ 1,100.00 €)
  • PointCab Volume tool (+ 1,100.00 €)
  • PointCab Space Warp tool (+ 1,100.00 €)
  • PointCab Mesh tool (+ 900.00 €)
  • PointCab Point Cloud Export tool (+ 900.00 €)
  • Registration for PointCab Origins (with valid support contract) (+ 700.00 €)
  • PointCab 4CAD Interface (+ 300.00 €)

User interface available in the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German 
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

Note: We provide beginners the opportunity to rent our laser scanning software PointCab Origins at a low price - a favorable alternative to purchasing. If you decide to purchase PointCab Origins within 12 weeks after renting, 50% of the rental price would be taken into account as a prepayment. Find PointCab Origins leasing here.

  • Licenza online
  • È inoltre possibile acquisire una licenza con chiave di sicurezza (dongle).

    Desiderate acquistare i singoli strumenti aggiuntivi per PointCab Origins? Richiedete un preventivo. Sono disponibili i seguenti strumenti aggiuntivi:
    • Strumento PointCab Volume (+ € 990,00)
    • Strumento PointCab Esporta nuvole di punti (+ € 790,00)
    • Strumento PointCab Mesh (+ € 990,00)
    • Strumento PointCab Punti 3D (+ € 490,00)
    • Strumento PointCab Vettorizzatore (+ € 990,00)
    • Strumento PointCab Delta (+ € 990,00)
    • Strumento PointCab Proiezione (+ € 990,00)
    Interfaccia software disponibile nelle seguenti lingue
    • Inglese
    • Tedesco
    • Francese
    • Italiano
    • Spagnolo
    Nota: Il servizio di assistenza, manutenzione e aggiornamento è incluso nel prezzo per il primo anno.

    Agli utenti principianti offriamo la possibilità di noleggiare PointCab, il nostro software per scansioni laser, a un prezzo contenuto: una comoda alternativa all'acquisto. Se si decide di acquistare PointCab entro le 12 settimane successive al noleggio, il 50% del prezzo di noleggio sarà considerato come anticipo sull'importo dovuto. Il noleggio di PointCab è disponibile qui.
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