Rent 3D scanner ARTEC EVA

Rent 3D scanner ARTEC EVA Rent 3D scanner ARTEC EVA
  • Item no.: 030-10572
  • Product weight: 7,00 kg
  • Delivery status: 1-2 workdays
  • Our price : 170,00 €
  • Excluding 19% VAT., plus shipping
    • Differential price
    • From 3 days » 150,00 €*
    • From 7 days » 130,00 €*
    • *Price per unit Excluding 19% VAT., plus shipping


Do you want to test an optical 3D scanner before deciding in favor of purchasing? In that case, you should benefit from our rental offer. Hire the hand-held scanner Artec EVA with ability to capture texture at an affordable price and scan small to midsize objects in real-time. You do not need to position reference marks; thus, you can get started immediately.


Move the scanner around an object so that the object is scanned from various directions. Due to real-time registration, you can see in the scan software Artec Studio which parts of the objects you have already captured. Afterwards, you align the scans to generate a complete 3D model. Several tools are available for further processing.

Content of rental offer:

  • 3D scanner and laptop with scan software are rented including insurance.  

Designated use:

  • move 3D scanner at a distance of 0.4m to 1m around the object
  • capture up to 16 frames/second
  • capture up to 2,000,000 points/second
  • color photos

Field of application:

  • medicine/medical engineering: body scans (whole body or parts of the body), orthopaedics and prosthetics, seat forms/seat foams, plastic surgery, dietology/training/sport
  • art: portrait scan (for bust/sculpture)
  • industry and production: prototyping, quality control, Reverse Engineering
  • multimedia, 3D graphics and design: films, games, ergonomics, computer graphics (body scanning, scans of facial expressions)
  • heritage preservation: virtual museums, restoration, archives, catalogues
  • criminology
  • studying biomechanical processes
  • insurance

Rental content:

  • Artec scanner EVA
  • laptop with scan software Artec Studio
  • 3 x 2 reference objects

Rental prices:

Bulk prices apply for scanner rental allowing you to benefit from lower rental prices in case of a longer rental period:

  • 1 to 2 rental days: EUR 170.00/day
  • 3 to 6 rental days: EUR 150.00/day
  • as of 7 rental days: EUR 130.00/day


  • The offer is determined by the availability of the optical scanner! You can inform about the costs of a rental offer online by requesting a quote quickly and easily.
  • The scanner will be delivered at the first day of rental (in Germany till 10.30 a.m., outside Germany during the day) and collected on the last day of rental.
  • The calculation is made on a daily basis. Only Sundays are not invoiced as rental days.
  • For actuarial purposes, a security deposit will be demanded in advance. This caution will be cleared at the end of rental.
  • The offer price applies when you collect the scanner in one of our rental offices. Shipping will be possible; shipping will be invoiced extra according to expenditure.
  • The rental offer applies to the use of the rented scanner within Germany. On request, other countries are possible.
  • The general terms and conditions for 3D scanner rental apply.
  • Before the start of rental, a verification of the ability to handle the scanner will be required. We optionally offer a training.


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