Upgrade from PointCab Origins to PointCab Origins Pro

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Upgrade from the basic version to full functionality with all modules

3.000,00 €

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You are already using PointCab Origins and need more features when working with your point clouds? Then use the PointCab upgrade!

The upgrade adds the following modules to PointCab Origins:

  • Registration
    PointCab Origins Pro includes a registration tool for scan data from terrestrial laser scanners. The very precise georeferencing is included.
  • Vectorizer
    The semi-automatic vectorization tool allows you to seamlessly export vector lines to CAD systems.
  • Volume
    Whether you want to calculate hills, basements or an excavation, the volume tool delivers the result in the shortest possible time.
  • Space Warp
    This innovative feature facilitates surface inspection of any shape, structure or component and allows cylindrical, polygonal or curved sections.
  • Point Cloud Export
    This module allows you to extract specific parts of the point cloud for export to various exchange formats.
  • Mesh
    With the Mesh module, you can create triangulated digital terrain models (DTM).


  • The upgrade from PointCab Origins to PointCab Origins Pro involves an additional annual recurring cost of 200.00 EUR for maintenance and support (recurring, if not cancelled one month prior to expiration).
  • For the upgrade, the basic version of PointCab Origins must be up to date.
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