Laser Scanner Reference Sphere Set (Traveler)

Laser Scanner Reference Sphere Set (Traveler) Laser Scanner Reference Sphere Set (Traveler) Laser Scanner Reference Sphere Set (Traveler)
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Our newest development "Traveler" is the perfect reference sphere for your journeys. Regardless of whether you travel by car, by train or by plane - The divisible Traveler is the ideal companion.

With the divisible reference sphere Traveler, we meet your requirements on user-friendly products. When regularly used, you can store the spheres in a case. Or disassemble the spheres and simply transport them in the small and practical bag for traveling.

Our Traveler sphere is a real revolution. The innovative reference sphere consists of several parts that can be bolted together easily and precisely in a minimum of time. Due to the excellent fitting accuracy of the single parts, the screwable sphere represents a highly accurate reference target for laser scanning. Quality: Made in Germany.

Product characteristics:
  • Diameter : 145mm
  • Spherical shape allows the highest possible scanning efficiency from various directions
  • The sphere is manufactured in 3 precisely fitting parts that are bolted together by means of an inlying connecting rod.
  • Divisible sphere with the smallest pack size (when disassembled)
  • The set consisting of 6 divisible spheres is delivered in a case where you can perfectly store the assembled spheres.
  • Case with precut foam insert for safe transport of the spheres;
    Case dimensions: 575 x 470 x 205 mm
  • The additional bag is suited for traveling. The supplied bag allows comfortable transport by foot, by car, by train or by plane. (bag dimensions: 320 x 190 x 270 mm)
  • The single disassembled sphere parts can be piled up in the bag in order to save a maximum of space.
  • A set of 6 spheres in a bag allows you to save 70% of volume compared to a case.
  • Due to the bag, you save approx. 50% of weight compared to a plastic case.

You find further information regarding the Traveler sphere in our info sheet.

Field of application:
  • Architecture, preservation of buildings and monuments
  • Design and planning of factory buildings and digital factory
  • Mining industry and tunnel construction
  • Public service corporations
  • Aircraft construction and naval architecture
  • Foundries and steel industry
  • Chemistry and process industry
  • Forensics

Compatible laser scanners:
  • Leica HDS 6100
  • Leica HDS 4400
  • Riegl VZ 1000 Laser scanner
  • Riegl VZ 400 Laser scanner
  • Z+F IMAGER 5010
  • Z+F IMAGER 5006
  • Z+F IMAGER 5006i
  • Z+F IMAGER 5006h
  • Z+F IMAGER 5006EX

  • The reference sphere Traveler can be used easily at various weather conditions.

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