NESTLE Carbon GNSS pole, PG-5

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NESTLE GNSS Stab Karbon PG-5

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The required accuracy in data collection presupposes the use of a professional plummet pole. The carbon rods from NESTLE impress with their light weight, durability and convenient handling. Rod with triple locking latch (160cm, 180cm, 200cm). PG-5 with screwable sand plate.

Designated use

  • For all kinds of GNSS measurements.

Key features

  • Carbon for pleasant work, even at low temperatures.
  • Carbon outer and inner tube – comfortable handling even at low temperatures.
  • The tip does not wear out - thus no falsification of the measurements by blunt tips.
  • Long outer tube for ergonomic work.
  • Convenient to transport and clean.

Product characteristics

  • Tip made of hard metal steel.
  • The pole is telescopic with locking at 1.60m, 1.80m, 2.00m.
  • For ergonomic work, both poles habe a outer tube with 132cm, so you can mount field computers in a comfortable working height.
  • The screwable sand plate prevents the sinking of the pole during surveying and stakeouts. Can be used for exact centering e.g. be screwed upside down to the tip.
  • Clamping: Screw
  • Diameter: Outer tube 32mm, inner tube 25mm
  • Working range: Locking at 1.60m / 1.80m / 2.00m
  • Transport length: 134cm
  • Weight: 730g
  • Connection: 5/8"
  • Special feature: Carbon-carbon, telescopic, triple locking latch

Delivery content

  • NESTLE GNSS pole (PG-5), with screwable sand plate


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