Emlid Reach Online installation and training

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Online training of hardware, accessories, software & workflows

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In this online training course, you will learn in detail the workflow of digitalized surveying using 3D laser scanning.

We will show you all steps of the process, from data capture and processing to the transfer of the results to the customer-specific CAD system – everything individually tailored to your needs and knowledge!

Content of the training

  • Getting to know the scanner and accessories
  • Demonstration of workflows in practice
  • Using the scanner in your future project
  • Scanning recommendations (scanner settings, resolution, quality)
  • Training in point cloud software (FARO Scene, PointCab, ReCap)
  • Transfer of the data/results to the customer-specific CAD system

Durationof the training

  • The training usually takes 1 – 2 days, depending on the level of knowledge and goals of the participants

Course of the training

  1. We advise you and discuss with you the content, duration and objective of the training.
  2. We arrange a training date.
  3. We hold the training with our conference tool. If you are already using an established system in your company, we will of course be happy to use it on request!
  4. You learn how to work with hardware:
    • If you rent a laser scanner directly after the training, we will send you the measurement device before the rental period begins so that you can work with the scanner during the training.
    • If you do not rent a scanner, we will teach you how to use the laser scanner by using modern camera technology. Alternatively and for an additional charge, we will send you a scanner for the training period.

Number of participants

  • Up to 3 participants
  • All participants receive a LSE training certificate.

Training of the following scanners is possible

  • FARO FocusS laser scanner (mid-range, allrounder)
  • Artec RAY laser scanner (short-/mid-range)
  • Teledyne Optech Polaris 1.2 laser scanner (long-range, mining, special applications)


  • Online training (if followed by rental): 750€/day
  • Online training (with web hardware training): 750€/day + 100€/day
  • Online training (with training device): 750€/day + 100€/day + shipping

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