Suction cup holder for reference spheres

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The innovative suction cup holder allows the attachment of reference spheres to smooth surfaces.

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Attach your reference spheres to glass fronts, windows and all other smooth surfaces. The suction cup holder is the perfect additional solution for façade measuring or for applications in the field of architectural surveys and protection of historical monuments. The suction cup holder has the great advantage that it can be removed free of residues after survey (laser scanning). Of course, the suction cup holder is compatible with our mini prism. Thus, your reference points can also be determined by surveying.

Designated use:
  • Attachment of reference spheres to glass fronts, windows, painted surfaces, stainless steel surfaces, coated wood, plastic, marble etc.
  • Due to the long spacer, the reference sphere is also visible when the suction cup holder is attached to a window with large embrasure.

Product characteristics:

  • suction cup: 120mm/4.7 in
  • loading capacity: 15kg
  • weight of suction cup holder: 315g
  • length of spacer: 150mm/5.9 in with two M8 threads
  • weight of spacer: 60g
  • When the reference sphere (145mm/5.7 in) is screwed on the spacer, the distance between the sucked in surface and the sphere's center is ca. 250mm/9.8 in.
  • The reference sphere can easily be replaced by mini prism so that a tachymetric determination of the reference sphere is achievable without any problems.
  • The attachment of the suction cup holder is effected by turning the tilting lever.
  • The tilting lever can also be operated without any problems when the reference sphere is screwed on the spacer.
  • The suction cup holder can be removed free of residues after scanning.

Scope of application:

  • Attach the reference sphere to inaccessible windows: Attach the sphere when the window is open and close the window afterwards. Then, you have a visible reference sphere on the facade.
  • attachment of reference points to partition walls and premium structures without any problems
  • suitable for cleanrooms
  • attach reference points securely to plastic surfaces without leaving residues


Delivery contents:

  • 1 x suction cup
  • 1 x spacer


  • We recommend using the reference sphere Flexi since the suction power is not guaranteed on unfavorable surfaces and a fall of the sphere is possible. Due to the integrated shock absorber of the reference sphere Flexi, there is a very low probability that the sphere will crack.
  • Do you have a special application in which the attachment of reference points is very difficult? Don't hesitate and benefit from our free advice.

Product weight: 0,40 Kg
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